JDL Canada Legal Defence Fund

JDL Canada Legal Defence Fund

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On March 26th, 2017, the Jewish Defense Leauge went to the AIPAC conference in Washington Dc to counter protest the anti-Israel mobs, whose stated intention was “to shut down AIPAC".

When these mobs blocked the main entrances to the conference, the police just watched. After one man approached Sandra Solomon and threatened her, the JDL intervened and a fight took place.

A JDL supporter is now being accused of a hate crime and assault. This is false and will be defended in court.

Due to left wing bias, the Jewish media—such as the CJN, the Times of Israel and the JTA— have not provided balanced coverage of this incident. (We should not forget that the left wing Jewish Reform Movement has opposed President Donald Trump’s decision to move the US  Embassy to Jerusalem. Naturally they have also turned against the JDL.)

The JDL must have your support to have proper legal representation for this trial. Please Support the cause.